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Brands You Can Trust

Since 1955, Norwalk and Huron Heating and Air Conditioning have been servicing various kinds of HVAC systems. As reliable professionals, we have experience working with all types of HVAC system brands in Norwalk, OH.

We only use the best brands available to ensure our customers receive high reliability, durability, and efficiency. Whether you have a brand preference or don’t know where to start, our technicians can help you find the best make and model for your home’s unique cooling and heating needs.



With over 100 years of HVAC experience, Rheem products offer unmatched efficiency and durability. As the first company to have a line of 14 SEER heat pumps and condensing units, Rheem gives customers impressive energy savings with highly energy-efficient units.

Many Norwalk homeowners strive to find the most energy-efficient units possible. High energy efficiency means lower monthly utility bills and a longer life expectancy for your unit. Rheem products offer unmatched energy efficiency and reliability to help customers boost energy savings and reduce maintenance costs.


Trane units use state-of-the-art cooling technology to produce high-end air conditioners that fit nearly every home. Norwalk and Huron Heating and Air Conditioning has the unique tools and expertise needed to install high-quality Trane systems and provide effective repairs.

Trane air conditioners produce more than sufficient amounts of cool air for all types of homes in Ohio. Our technicians can help you find the best Trane units to fit your home’s unique size, energy efficiency needs, and cooling demands.

Keep your home optimally chilled throughout the summer with meticulous maintenance offered by Norwalk and Huron Heating and Air Conditioning.

Spring is the perfect time to have a pro thoroughly inspect your AC. Our service involves cleaning and prepping your air conditioning or HVAC system to cope with the intense demands of the hot summer months. Trusted to provide consistent maintenance and repair, we’re prepared to assist you with premier air conditioning services in Norwalk, OH. Catch any potential issues before they blow up into mid-summer AC emergencies.


AC Repair Norwalk, OH

At Norwalk and Huron Heating and Air Conditioning, our ethos is to deliver superior service. Central to our approach is understanding your unique needs, culminating in our commitment to providing 100% satisfaction.

We house a versatile array of AC systems for residents in and around Norwalk seeking an efficient remedy to maintain the comfort of their homes throughout the seasons. From large-scale HVAC projects for expansions to unstable room temperatures and replacing unpredictable AC units, our solutions are crafted to cater to diverse needs.

If you haven’t partnered with us before, entrust us with your HVAC needs. We’re confident of winning your trust by going above and beyond with our high-quality services and customized approaches to keeping your home delightfully cool. Our expert team is on standby, ready to assist you in selecting and installing the perfect AC unit for your home. Backed by our promise of stellar customer service embodied in our 100% satisfaction guarantee, we assure you of an experience to remember!



Honeywell is known for creating versatile products that fit everyone’s cooling needs. From portable units to state-of-the-art thermostats, Honeywell products give you high reliability and unique features that make them stand out against the rest.

With so many product options available, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for your home. Norwalk and Huron Heating and Air Conditioning is familiar with Honeywell’s extensive product line and can help you find the best products for your cooling and energy needs.

One of the brand’s most innovative products is the programmable thermostat. Honeywell’s programmable thermostat lets you adjust your home’s indoor temperature even while you are away, allowing you to save on energy costs.


Lennox is where luxury meets air conditioning. Lennox systems offer unmatched reliability and help customers keep cool even in extreme heat and humidity.

A major concern that homeowners have during the summer is their energy costs. Ohio summers can bring extreme heat, which means homeowners need their air conditioners working at maximum efficiency. With Lennox air conditioners, you don’t have to sacrifice in-home comfort for energy savings.

We can show you the latest Lennox products to help you keep cool year-round without worrying about higher utility bills.


Bryant has over 100 years of experience with HVAC systems. The founder, Charles Bryant, believed in providing dependable products from a hard-working brand.

To ensure reliability, all Bryant products go through a strict test before going to the dealers. Our technicians love Bryant products because they give customers unmatched durability and an impressive working lifespan.

Norwalk and Huron Heating and Air Conditioning is passionate about helping fellow Norwalk families find reliable products at an affordable price. Our technicians can show you all of the best brands and products to help you reduce energy costs and improve indoor air quality.

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